Cowboy Action shoot
Cowboy Action Shoot

If you have an interest in the Old West then please come out and join us at Aurora Gun Club. We shoot on the second Wednesday of each month every month with set-up at 0800 and match starting at 0900. We normally are finished at 1200.

Guns required are single action revolvers, six shot, lever, or pump pistol caliber rifles, and single shot, double barreled, 97 Winchester or lever action shotguns.

Only lead bullets are allowed as we shoot steel targets. We shoot five different stages all designed with a Western Theme. Western apparel is advised but not mandatory.

If you have the old west style firearms just sitting in the safe them clean them up and come on out to the Aurora Gun Club and join the Cowboy Action Shoot.

We do allow 22 caliber for everyone to play our game.

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail to, Bill Edick, aka: Diamond Curly.

Happy Trails to you and hope to see you down the trail.