Welcome to the Aurora Gun Club Archery Range Page! 

Located on the Western end of the Aurora Gun Club the Archery Range features a covered shooting area with bow hangers as well as an elevated practice platform that overlooks the archery range. 

You can hone your archery skills by:

  • Practicing on the excelsior archery target butts which are set from 20 to 50 yards for sighting in and target shooting. 
  • Practicing on the 3D animals which vary in distance from +/-5 to 70 yards. 


  • Only field or target-tips are permitted, but hunters who are preparing for the hunting seasons may bring their own personal broadhead targets. 
  • Do not use the practice butts as backstops when using broadheads as they will damage the excelsior butts.
  • Do not use broadheads on the 3D animals. 

The range is open during club hours to members and guests per the AGC rules.